Hip, hip hooray!

We asked you to share a picture of your own treasured hipflask, and were delighted with the contributions in our competition to win a new SMWS flask. Congratulations to Ann Bingham for her winning shot, with the perfect bottling to go with her collection!

Steven T Jones

This was given to me by my wife on our wedding day nearly 10 years ago. It's a beautiful sentiment and a useful reminder of my anniversary! I like that it is a round flask, so it fits well in a pocket or a sporran. My favourite profile is Peated, guaranteed to warm you up and a must for a hip flask dram.

Ron Wilson

I tend to use my hip flask when attending the rugby at Murrayfield (outside the ground of course!) I'm a fan of the Heavily Peated flavour profile – given that most rugby internationals take place during winter months a lighter profile just wouldn't do it for me.

Wolfgang Thelen

My old bent hipflask, often used during trekking tours with SMWS whisky inside 😀 I prefer whiskies with a bang in my hipflask, so SMWS bottlings from distilleries 105 in bourbon, or 39 or 85.

Alasdair Yuille

It's got to be a Deep, Rich & Dried Fruits bottling like this brilliant 28! As for the hipflask, mine is now in the ‘Old & Dignified’ category!

Ann Bingham

My favourite flask style is the hunter, but boot flasks are handy to carry. Oily & Coastal is definitely my go-to profile for hipflasks, and Cask No. 46.69: Ruby boozeday was memorable from a few years back!

ABOVE: Ann’s collection of hip flasks