Helen Stewart

SMWS Members Champion

First whisky memory

Late to the whisky party, this was when I first started working for the Society 17 years ago and was lucky enough to be given my first ever dram at The Vaults by the then Members’ Room manager, Doug Macfarlane. More than the burn of the whisky, it was how passionately Doug spoke about the club that I’ll always remember. It was mesmerising. It would be at least a year later, unable to sleep with the flu and with a horrible sore throat, that I cracked open a bottle of Glenmorangie 10-year-old and thought it was amazing.

Favourite whisky-drinking music

This is a difficult one. What you’re drinking and your mood are big influences here and I don’t think I’ve got one preferred style of whisky music. I’ve got a broad taste, everything from 60s and 70s, to funk and soul to a little bit of techno or drum and bass. But for some great listening inspiration, the work I did with DJ Vic Galloway, where we matched different genres of music to our 12 flavour profiles, gives a great steer.

Best box sets

Is there anything better than the Sopranos?

Fantasy whisky tasting companions A night at the ‘27 Club

Most memorable dram Cask No. 117.3 Hubba Bubba, mango and monstera, an unbelievably good Irish whiskey and my favourite Society bottling so far. Otherwise, 1970s 10-year-old Laphroaig – I had no idea peated whisky could be so fruity, it opened my eyes to old-style whisky.

Most used emoji All you need is 💗

Guilty pleasure Toast or anything bread-like.

Dream destination Would love to hit the road and spend time driving through Central and South America.

Strangest food

Guinea pig in Ecuador.

Favourite bar There’s no place like home, other than the Society’s Bath Street Members’ Room it must be the warmth and welcome of The Bon Accord in Glasgow.

If you were a flavour profile, what would you be, and why? Sweet, Fruity & Mellow – it’s my favourite Society flavour profile, it best matches my personality and it’s just quite a nice motto for life.